Association pour l’anthropologie du changement social et du développement
Association for the anthropology of social change and development
Colloque de Lomé : inscriptions ouvertes ! / Lomé Conference: registration is open!

Colloque de Lomé : inscriptions ouvertes ! / Lomé Conference: registration is open!

Notre colloque approche ! Les dates sont confirmées : du 29 novembre au 3 décembre 2021. Nous espérons vous y retrouver nombreux !

Les dernières informations sont sur la page du colloque. Le module d’inscription en ligne est ouvert.

Our conference is coming up! The dates are confirmed: from 29 November to 3 December 2021. We hope to see many of you there!

The latest information is available on the conference page. The online registration page is open.

Colloque de Lomé : inscriptions ouvertes ! / Lomé Conference: registration is open!

Lomé conference: postponed to december 2021

Faced with the uncertainty on the evolution of the COVID pandemic, the APAD Bureau and the Conference Organizing Committee decided to postpone the Lomé Conference “Circulations in the global South: Ethnographic explorations of globalized exchanges” to December 2021.

The situation of COVID is improving in African countries, but even before the recent reconfinement decisions in Europe, uncertainties about the possibility of travel to Africa were too great to maintain the Conference in December 2020. Furthermore, the logic of the APAD, which promotes direct exchanges between members and the participation of African colleagues, made it difficult to opt for a virtual conference. The panel organisers have been contacted by the Organising Committee and are in contact with it, they are contacting the panelists to take stock of the situation. We are counting on their mobilisation and that of the panelists to maintain their commitment to this conference, despite the current constraints.

As the context is not favourable to mobilization, the General Assembly will also be postponed to December 2021, thus extending the mandate of the current Board.

Just published “Agir pour les autres”, by Tania Murray Li

Just published “Agir pour les autres”, by Tania Murray Li

We are pleased to announce the publication of the book Agir pour les autres. Gouvernementalité, développement et pratique du politique by Tania Murray Li, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Toronto in the APAD-Karthala series.

This book is a translation of  The will to improve, Governmentality, Development, and the Practice of Politics, published in 2007 by Duke University Press, one of the major works of the last decade in the field of development anthropology. This translation is accompanied by a preface by Pierre-Yves Le Meur, which puts the book into perspective for a French-speaking audience, and an original afterword by the author, reviewing the contributions of his book and the debates it has generated.

We invite you to discover this remarkable tale of development in action, centred on a series of attempts to improve landscapes and lifestyles, and to rebuild society “from below”.

Covid-19 from Africa : post-coronial thoughts

Covid-19 from Africa : post-coronial thoughts

Politique Africaine and APAD offer you a room for information sharing and debate on Covid-19 as seen from Africa, which is hosted on the Hypotheses blog of the journal Politique Africaine. Here is the presentation. To your contributions !

A joint initiative of Politique Africaine and APAD, the section “Covid-19 and its aftermath” was born from a proposal by Fanny Chabrol (Ceped, IRD), Pierre-Marie David (Université de Montréal), Moritz Hunsmann (Iris, CNRS) and Oumy Thiongane (Dalhousie University and APAD). This section welcomes contributions in a variety of formats and encourages spontaneity. We invite you to submit analysis notes (about 1000-2000 words), and do not hesitate to cite sources and references available online in the form of hyperlinks. We are also open to more specific reflections that could be prompted, for example, by confrontation with images or videos (from current events or, on the contrary, from the past), with possible scenarios, with objects and scenes from daily life on the continent at the present time, or with possible or impossible words or translations. The aim is to create an evolving space, made of formal and informal echoes from the social sciences. Without seeking exhaustiveness and far from any explanatory arrogance, we hope that the multiplication of diverse contributions will make it possible to describe, discuss and possibly contribute to construct different “meanings” at the heart of the epidemic and its multiple “after”.

Colloque de Lomé : inscriptions ouvertes ! / Lomé Conference: registration is open!

Colloque APAD 2020 : nouvelle date limite pour les résumés, le 1er mars

La date limite de soumission des propositions de communication au colloque 2020 de l’APAD (Lomé, Togo, 23-26 juin) a été reportée au 1er mars au soir.

La soumission des résumés se fait en ligne :

Le thème du Colloque est Les circulations dans le Sud global : ethnographies des échanges mondialisés. Toutes les informations sur le colloque :