Everyday Corruption and the State


Blundo G. and Olivier de Sardan J.-P. (with Bako-Arifari N. and Tidjani Alou M.), 2006, Everyday Corruption and The State. Citizens and Public Officials in Africa, London, Zed Books, 304 p. Daily life in Africa is governed by the 'petty' corruption of public officials in services such as health, transport, or the judicial system. This [...]

Anthropology and Development. Understanding Contemporary Social Change


Olivier de Sardan J.P., Anthropology and development, understanding contemporary social change, London, Zed Books, 2005, 256 p. This book re-establishes the relevance of mainstream anthropological (and sociological) approaches to development processes and simultaneously recognizes that contemporary development ought to be anthropology‘s principal area of study. Professor de Sardan argues for a socio-anthropology of change and [...]

Stirring Life: Women’s Paths and Places among the Kasenga of Northern Ghana


Ann Cassiman, 2006 This seminal book offers a fine-grained ethnographic study and a woman-oriented rethinking of architectural concepts from within the life-worlds of the Kasena of northeastern Ghana. What does it mean to create a home, or turn space into a meaningful place? What can the built form teach us about the cultural construction of [...]

Épidémie et politique en Afrique: Maladie du sommeil et tuberculose au Cameroun.


Josiane Tantchou -2007- A partir de l’histoire et de la genèse de deux programmes de santé – la lutte contre la maladie du sommeil à l’époque coloniale et la lutte contre la tuberculose dans le Cameroun contemporain – l’ouvrage s’attache à répondre à trois questions : comment naissent les politiques verticales de santé en Afrique [...]

Poverty in Burkina Faso.


Sten Hagberg – 2007 – This study differs from the bulk of poverty studies by adopting an anthropological perspective and addressing poverty as contextual, situational and relational. It scrutinises poor people’s perceptions of what it means to be poor and how poverty is best alleviated in Burkina Faso. The study shows that even praiseworthy attempts [...]

Africa’s Great Rift: Diversity and Unity.


Morgan de Dapper & Danielle de Lame -2007- The book presents the acts of the international conference jointly organized by the Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences & the Royal Museum for Central Africa, in September 2005. The speakers of this interdisciplinary meeting were specialists coming from horizons as different as the so-called Human Sciences and [...]