Association pour l’anthropologie du changement social et du développement
Association for the anthropology of social change and development
APAD books
APAD publishes books, resulting from its international conferences or research carried on by its members. Fourteen books have been published by APAD since the association’s inception, most of them by Karthala Publishing House, in the “Men and Societies” collection. Many of them have become classics. Three collective books resulting from APAD conferences have been published by other publishers.

APAD wishes to publish one or two books every year, including books based on excellent theses in its field. Currently co-directed by Sylvie Ayimpam and Philippe Lavigne Delville, the APAD-Karthala series has an comité de lecture international since early 2019. Manuscripts, of international level and with a maximum length of 800,000 characters, should be sent to

In order to guarantee the relevance of the proposals and their quality, the manuscripts coming from a thesis must be accompanied by the defence report and a letter of support. Written by a senior researcher who is an APAD member, thesis director or member of jury of the thesis in question, this letter should highlight the originality of the thesis, its quality and its relevance for APAD. Each manuscript is evaluated by two researchers, members of the reading committee, or from outside if the subject justifies it.

Elites, élections et transformation du politique au Mali. “Ceux qui cherchent le pouvoir sont parmi nous”
Agir pour les autres. Gouvernementalité, développement et pratique du politique
Au coeur des mondes de l’aide internationale. Regards et postures ethnographiques
Aide internationale et sociétés civiles au Niger
Urbain-rural, l’hybridation en marche
Interfaces empiriques
Une anthropologie entre pouvoirs et histoire
Une anthropologie entre rigueur et engagement
Etat et corruption en Afrique : Une anthropologie comparative des relations entre fonctionnaires et usagers (Bénin, Niger, Sénégal)
Une médecine inhospitalière. Les difficiles relations entre soignants et soignés dans cinq capitales d’Afrique de l’ouest.
On the Move ; Mobility, Land Use and Livelihood Practices on the Central Plateau in Burkina Faso
Money is the True Friend: Economic Practice, Morality and Trust Among the Iganga Maize Traders in Uganda
Courtiers en développement: les villages africains en quête de projets.
Law, Power and Politics in Niger. Land Struggles and the Rural Code.
Anthropologie et santé publique en pays dogon
L’invention des pratiques dans l’agriculture. Vulgarisation et production locale de connaissance.
Anthropologie et développement : essai en socio-anthropologie du changement social
Les associations paysannes en afrique
The Governance of Daily Life in Africa. Ethnographic Explorations of Public and Collective Services.
Member’s publications
For APAD members : if you wish to have your publication on this page, please send a brief summary (300 words) of your publication, the cover page (jpg) and the link to the publisher’s website to