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Covid-19 from Africa : post-coronial thoughts

Apr 29, 2020 | Focus, News

Politique Africaine and APAD offer you a room for information sharing and debate on Covid-19 as seen from Africa, which is hosted on the Hypotheses blog of the journal Politique Africaine. Here is the presentation. To your contributions !

A joint initiative of Politique Africaine and APAD, the section "Covid-19 and its aftermath" was born from a proposal by Fanny Chabrol (Ceped, IRD), Pierre-Marie David (Université de Montréal), Moritz Hunsmann (Iris, CNRS) and Oumy Thiongane (Dalhousie University and APAD). This section welcomes contributions in a variety of formats and encourages spontaneity. We invite you to submit analysis notes (about 1000-2000 words), and do not hesitate to cite sources and references available online in the form of hyperlinks. We are also open to more specific reflections that could be prompted, for example, by confrontation with images or videos (from current events or, on the contrary, from the past), with possible scenarios, with objects and scenes from daily life on the continent at the present time, or with possible or impossible words or translations. The aim is to create an evolving space, made of formal and informal echoes from the social sciences. Without seeking exhaustiveness and far from any explanatory arrogance, we hope that the multiplication of diverse contributions will make it possible to describe, discuss and possibly contribute to construct different "meanings" at the heart of the epidemic and its multiple "after".