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Association for the anthropology of social change and development

Départ à la retraite de Thomas Bierschenk

Fév 23, 2019 | Actualités

Notre collègue et ami Thomas Bierschenk (Université de Mainz) part à la retraite. Un séminaire sur "Bureaucracies Blueprints in Practice" et une fête ont eu lieu vendredi 15 février dernier en son honneur.

Au nom de l'APAD, Eric Hahonou a transmis notre reconnaissance et notre amitié :

"In the name of the current board of the APAD and its president, I would like to acknowledge the particular contribution of Thomas Bierschenk to the APAD, an academic adventure, which he co-founded in 1991 with a number of other pillars also present in this room. He did not only founded the APAD but animated its academic and political life for many years as a member of the board. He influenced cohorts of students from Germany, Benin, Niger, supervising them,  conducting fieldwork with many of them and other colleagues, coaching dozens of PhDs within the APAD doctoral school which brings together students and senior researchers from Francophone and Germanophone institutions, providing inspiration to them in a number of thematic issues related to the anthropology of development and the anthropology of the state.
Among the qualities of Thomas, I would like to name: intellectual curiosity, engagement, availability, conviviality, analytical strength, rigorous and exigent with his students, his colleagues, his friends and his enemies
Thomas is also loyal to his people and to institutions
I would like to say ‘Thank you, Thomas’ for the work invested in the APAD and more generally in the academia along these years  
We are looking forward to benefiting from Thomas insights as a member of the scientific committee of the APAD journal called Anthropology and Development
For all these specific contributions inside I invite my colleagues from APAD and other colleagues to knock on the table to do it in the German academic way"