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Trans-local livelihoods and development of Senegalese migrants engaged in trade between Morocco and Senegal.

Trans-local livelihoods and development of Senegalese migrants engaged in trade between Morocco and Senegal.

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Over the last decade, migrants from West African countries have populated Moroccan urban centres where they endeavour to find jobs in the informal service, domestic service and transnational trade. This research focuses on Senegalese migrants in Morocco and aims to analyse how they use transnational trade activities to improve their livelihoods and shape local development. It is guided by the hypothesis that Senegalese migrants join transnational trade and construct a space of circulation in which they become peripatetic traders. Through a trans-local mixed embeddedness approach, this research aims to analyse the role of migration policies, local structure, networks and agency in shaping migrants’ access to and maintenance of their trade activities. Second, it aims to investigate the impact of these activities on migrants’ livelihoods, and how trading migrants’ activities shape local development dynamics in Morocco and Senegal. This research starts with one urban centre in Morocco as an entry points, Oujda, and aims to follow migrants as they navigate through different localities to establish and maintain their activities. It follows a multi-site mobile ethnographic approach in Senegal and Morocco and relies on participant observation, life histories interviews and social networks analysis to reveal migrants’ transnational livelihoods strategies in different localities.

Mot-clé : life history, mixed embeddedness, multi-site ethnography, senegal-Morocco, et Transnational trade
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